Our Stories



MBA Program

An MBA Program was launched on October 23, 1980; making ABAC the first higher education institution in Thailand to offer such a Graduate Business Program.

ABAC Journal

ABAC Journal’s first issue was published in English language in December 1980


Educational Change/Development

Curriculum Development Center was established on November 29, 1981


International Center

An International Center was set up in 1982.

Dr. Choop Plaza

Dr. Choop Plaza was constructed in 1982.

Assumption Building

Assumption Building was erected in 1982.

First Celebrated Festival

Loy Krathong was the first festival celebrated at ABAC on October 31, 1982.


St. Mary’s Square

St. Mary’s Square was constructed in 1983.


Evening MBA Program

Graduate School of Business was established on June 15, 1985 and the Evening MBA Program was eventually offered.

Faculty of Insurance

The Ministry of University Affairs authorized ABAC to open Faculty of Insurance in November 1985; offering an Undergraduate Degree in Insurance.


School of Arts

The Faculty of Arts was launched in November 1986; initially with the first two programs: Business English and Business French while Business Chinese and Business Japanese were added in 1987 and 1988 respectively.

Martin de Tours Building

Martin de Tours Building was erected in 1986.

Forum Luceat Lux Vestra

The Forum Luceat Lux Vestra was built in 1986.

ABAC Today

The first issue of ABAC Today was published in December 1986.

Plaza Notre Dame de L’Assomption

The Plaza Notre Dame de L’Assomption was built in front of De Montfort Building on January 11, 1986.